Keys® Reduces the Costs of Credentialing and Certification Management by More than 43%

Keys® is the first cloud-based HR platform built specifically to meet the needs of tomorrow’s healthcare workforce. Keys® is simple and intuitive to use and designed to work with your organization’s culture and workflows.

Keys® is the First and Only HR Solution Built Specifically to Manage the Continuously Changing Requirements for Healthcare Workforces
The Keys® to a Healthier Workforce Culture

In order to prepare your people for a successful digital transformation, you have to take the first step and look beyond bare minimum compliance requirements to discover who’s ready to learn new digital strategies, who already has mastered digital tools and what individuals, teams and departments are learning in real time.

Keys® is the first talent development platform of its kind – designed to manage highly specialized, agile teams to continuously develop and retain your top talent while dramatically reducing costs and eliminating manual paper pushing.

What Makes Keys® Different

At the heart of our platform is a new type of database that is built to manage the continuously changing requirements of clinician workforce information. This innovative approach to database architecture provides speed, intuitive experience (to non-technical clinical and administrative people) , and secure 24/7 access.

Recruiting & Applicant Tracking

  • Improves candidate experience
  • Streamlines recruiting process
  • Track & match prior applicants

Credentialing & Compliance

  • Digitalize credentialing
  • Notifications of expirations 
  • Organization-wide reporting 

Personalized Onboarding

  • Improves retention
  • Reduces patient errors
  • Increases engagement

Intelligent Job & Skills Matching

  • Reduces delay in patient care
  • Facilitates scheduling 
  • Improves workloads

Leadership & Development

  • Identify future leaders
  • Personalize career pathways
  • Benchmark soft skills

Communication & Notifications

  • Automatic reminders
  • Email & SMS notifications
  • Create & send to groups

Real Time & Predictive Analytics

  • Measure soft skills & culture 
  • Generate reports in seconds
  • Proactively identify trends 

Portable, Interoperable & Secure

  • Secure access from anywhere
  • highest level encryption
  • Integrates into any ecosystem

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