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We design, build and customize technology solutions that integrate advanced analytics tools with agile workforce strategies – accelerating your team’s digital transformation! 
Workforce Vitals™

Workforce Vitals™ – Solutions Built Specifically to Address Healthcare’s Continuously Changing Workforce

Healthcare systems have unique challenges managing and developing your workforce. Most technology and strategic solutions for HR are based on generic or business-oriented processes that don’t work for healthcare.

Our Workforce Vitals™ Framework provides strategies and tools that work specifically for healthcare organizations to: increase engagement, maintain a great culture, and support a healthcare provider workforce that saves lives!

Learn How Workforce Vitals™ Can Reduce Costs and Turnover

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Keys® Reduces the Costs of Credentialing and Certification Management by More than 43%

In order to prepare your people for a successful digital transformation, you have to take the first step and look beyond bare minimum compliance requirements to discover who’s ready to learn new digital strategies, who already has mastered digital tools and what individuals, teams and departments are learning in real time.

Keys® is the first talent development platform of its kind – designed to manage highly specialized, agile teams to continuously develop and retain your top talent while dramatically reducing costs and eliminating manual paper pushing.