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Make better decisions around hiring, promotion, and talent development with Door Space Inc.

Door Space produces a digital solution that significantly enhances the efficiencies of managing your corporate learning and development programs, saving your company billions of dollars annually with administrating corporate training.

Our platform gives companies the big data insights needed to manage your compliance, professional skills development, and corporate training programs.

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The Agile Enterprise

Today’s Fortune 500 companies are experiencing a dramatic shift to a flexible, remote and highly mobile workforce.

Because of the rapid adoption of digital technologies for business management, global companies are facing enormous skills and development gaps in their employees.

When the current processes and systems were developed, companies were smaller and had a more centralized workforce.  Now these paper-based processes and 30 year old giant ERP software systems can’t keep up with the pace of change. Your Talent Management and Learning Systems need to be as agile as your people need to be.

You need Door Space. 

Door Space Product Homepage

Digital Learning & Development Platform 

Monitor your entire corporate training and compliance process at a glance with digital dashboards and simplified real-time employee training and compliance status.

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Workflow automation streamlines the entire training and compliance process by removing obstacles and eliminating errors caused by manual human data entry and spreadsheets

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Door Space Product Homepage
Door Space Product Homepage

 Proactive alerting and reporting reduces exposure related to out of compliance team members without added overhead from senior level managers and compliance auditors

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Big Data for Learning

  • more accurate and more relevant data is automatically collected
  • saves time and frees up employees to focus on the learning instead of the maintenance and compliance tasks
  • provides better information to make corporate training investment decisions

Valuable Insights

  • “apples to apples” comparison of skills and learning across employee job functions
  • company-wide reporting on skills and compliance gaps
  • match the right training programs with the right employees


Simple and Easy

  • Simple, Clean UX/UI design and workflow configurations
  • Full support from our expert team to customize for your organization’s unique needs
  • Takes about 5 minutes for a basic user to learn, and under an hour for Administrators to Master