About Door Space Inc. 

Our Vision and Mission


We’re Building the Platform for Knowledge Workers to use daily in their jobs to learn, apply their learning to their work outcomes, and communicate their knowledge and skills so humanity can manage increasingly larger-scale projects more effectively.

We’re starting with healthcare organizations – building personalized technology to attract, retain and train the top healthcare talent, then we’ll expand into other industries until every knowledge professional is using Door Space’s Platform to manage continuing education, professional credentialing, and licensure to reach their personal career goals.

We believe that when a company can measure and report on the effectiveness of specific training programs and costs, then the company is equipped to make smarter decisions about how to develop their employees into Top Talent.


Door Space Inc. is Re-Designing the Architecture Underneath the numerous redundant HR processes inside Enterprise HR departments inside our cloud-based, centralized platform. Our structured API provides personalized employee data management tools at scale. Our new framework will immediately begin reducing the costs and time spent managing your employees’ credentialing, training and development.

The current frameworks hail from the Industrial Era and have a lot of bottlenecks making HR processes slow and inefficient. Today’s “solution” is to pass around a piece of paper to be recorded in a database or stored in a filing cabinet or spreadsheet somewhere by the business, stealing time away from multiple people inside different departments.