Keys® is the first credential app built for clinicians to make it easy to securely store, track and share your licensure, certifications and other credentials. 

Launching on Android and iOS in early 2020


How Keys® Works

Keep all your credentials organized in one place! Keys® makes it easy and best of all – it’s 100% FREE forever!

  • Keep all your credentials organized and stored in one easy-to-use app
  • Automated notifications for expiring credentials
  • Track your progress towards annual CE requirements



  • Portable – goes with you across your career 
  • Create and share custom credential packets in minutes
  • Share with multiple employers and skip the repetitive data entry and paper work



  • You own your data and control who has access
  • Secure – all of our data is encrypted and managed in a HIPPA compliant data environment
  • Ad-free – we don’t sell your data and you’ll never see any annoying ads



  • Saves you countless hours searching and applying for new jobs
  • Adding new credentials is as easy as taking a picture from your phone
  • Keys® keeps you ready to handle any audit or credential request 

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